What is Education Popularis all about?

The name – Education Popularis – is a play on the term locus popularis, which was the tradition of nobles and learned figures in Roman society speaking to the general public in the Forum. These speakers were expected to both inform and entertain. For Education Popularis (or EdPop, for short), our objectives are two-fold. First, we want to bring forward and amplify the voices and experiences of education professionals around the world. The purpose of this is to provide a platform for education professionals to share their stories, allow others to react and discuss, and ultimately learn from each other. Our second objective for EdPop is to provide a bridge between research, policy, and practice. In particular, we want to translate the latest education research that occurs within the academy and bring it ‘to the people’ so that it means something in practice. These are our objectives and intent, although we are sure that EdPop will evolve over time. 

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